Monday, April 29, 2013

Feed Your Passion for Fashion

Combining two things that most women love: shoes & dessert.

I originally made these 9 years ago for my dear friend's birthday. They're cute and fun, and easy to make, so be sure to check out the tutorial at SheKnows

You could add all kinds of finishing touches to them to make them extra special. Maybe dip them in white chocolate melt and use a vanilla Tootsie Roll to make them more "bridal?" Or attach some candy jewels or sparkles on the front for some extra bling? 

They'd be perfect for bachelorette parties or a girls-night-out. And don't forget Mother's Day ... it's just around the corner!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Piñata Jello Shots

The folks at threw a Piñata-themed party and asked me to create a cocktail version of my Piñata cookie. After some experimentation (and lots of sampling) I came up with these margarita-flavored, piñata-shaped, rainbow-striped, jello shots with a salty surprise in the middle.

For instructions on how to make them and tons of other great craft, recipe and game ideas for your own Piñata, Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo party, head over to

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Diaper Duty (Tee hee.... she said "duty")

I know, I know... these cookies are a bit, juvenile. But hey, in my defense, they were originally baked for a bunch of 3rd graders. Who, by the way, thought that a dirty diaper cookie was hilarious.

In case you do too, there's a complete tutorial available on

Basically, you just cut triangle-shaped sugar cookies, fold a miniature candy bar inside, and bake.

Perfect for any baby shower. (I just hope your guests bring a sense a humor with them to the party.)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mini Taco Cookies

Could someone please explain why I have this crazy obsession with Cinco de Mayo desserts? - Pinata cookies, maraca cookies, and taco cookies.

I swear, it's not on purpose. I'm not from Mexico. I pretty much use the holiday as an excuse to drink margaritas and eat chips & queso. Don't we all?

Regardless, I made some taco sugar cookies a few years ago for work, and decided to attempt them again for a tutorial. I remember struggling with the cookie dough, trying to get it to bake in the shape of a taco shell, on top of a wedge of tinfoil. It wasn't impossible, but it was frustrating. And although they turned out lovely, there's always an easier way to bake something, right?

Like, for instance, not baking at all! This new recipe uses Oreo cookies and is assembly-only. If you can't figure them out by these photos, then head over to SheKnows for the complete step-by-step and list of ingredients. Super easy. I promise.

Now that I think about it. I also have an obsession with making foods out of other foods. - Broccoli, pumpkin pie, steak, kabobs, sushi, rice and fortune cookies. What's wrong with me?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Maraca Cookies

Shake your maracas. And then eat them. 

These candy-filled, maraca-shaped cookies sound as good as they look (and taste.) Wouldn't they be fun for Cinco de Mayo or some other mexican-themed fiesta?

Lately, I've been finding alternative ways to bake with my cake pop pan. I still have yet to make ACTUAL cake pops. Probably never will. (Bakerella is the cake pop queen. That woman blows me away with her creativity.)

Anyway, I came up with this idea for shakeable, edible maracas in April of 2012, but never really experimented with them to see if they'd work. It was about this time last year that I had my 15 minutes of Pinata Cookie fame. Oh what fun, to see my little cookie make it big. Wonder if Pee-wee Herman likes maracas?

If you want to attempt these sweet treats yourself, hop on over to SheKnows for the full tutorial. They're not hard, just a little time consuming. (Ha. That sentence should be a disclaimer on every thing I do.)

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Blue skies.
Greening grass.

We are so ready for spring.
Hey Gus & Bea..... look over here at me.
OK... now get a little closer together.

A little closer, please.

OK... Bea, stand up straight. Gus, quit strangling your sister, please.
Now, act like you like each other.

Go ahead, you can sit down.

Just one more. Look right here.

OK... I'm done. Thanks. Now go play.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Our cup runneth over with Shocker pride!

At 4:10 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Bea informed her Kindergarten teacher (and her mother), that she would be bringing Shocker cookies to school today.

Oh really? Well ... I guess we'd better get on that.

For whatever reason, I just wasn't in the mood to bake last night. So I convinced myself (and Bea) that it would be easier to make WuShock cups filled with black and yellow Oreo cookies.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Me and my silly ideas.

Thirty minutes of Photoshopping a WuShock label, a trip to the grocery store for cups, napkins & Oreos, a quick visit to Office Depot to make color prints, a stop at the liquor store (by then I could tell it was going to be a long night), and three hours of cutting, pasting and napkin shredding later......

24 WuShock Oreo Cups

Bea was pretty excited this morning to share her treats.

Go Shox! Let's win this!


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