Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lego Man Costume

There couldn't be a more perfect Halloween costume this year for our Lego-lovin' Gus.

Eric really took his cardboard construction skills up a notch. He made this whole thing out of blue cardboard, red foam board, hot glue and Smoothfoam™. The legs were a challenge. It wasn't until after we saw Gus shuffling at the school costume parade, that we decided we needed to cut the backs of the legs open so that he could actually WALK and go up stairs. Poor kid. He was a Halloween trooper once again. I promised him last night, one of these years, we'll make him a costume he can actually walk, see and move in. He didn't seem to care. He loved it just the way it was.

Everything was handmade, except for the head. We bought one of those Lego containers that you can use to sort & store Lego bricks, cut out the insides and drilled larger eye holes. It fit perfectly. We used a red sweatshirt for the arms, and stuffed them with some of Eric's old, 4-inch vacuum tubing from the woodshop.

Now that Halloween is over, and we have no storage space left for a costume this size, I think it's going to go on permanent display in Gus' room.

I started to take photos of how Eric made this and then I gave up. Oh my lord, it was very meticulous and involved lots of calculations, cutting, scoring, tabbing and gluing. I don't know how that man's mind works, but I'm just glad it does. There's no way I could have constructed something like this so perfectly. Anyway, here are a few photos of the process and the finished pieces. Knock yourself out if you want to attempt one yourself!


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