Thursday, May 29, 2014

Love Unfolds

A dear friend of mine got married last weekend. I've known Ali since the day she was born. We were neighbors growing up in Colby, and our families are forever intertwined. 

So last year, when she asked me to design her invitations for a spring wedding in 2014, I was thrilled. But before I could start, I needed to know a little more about her fiancĂ© and how the two started dating.

Ali told me that she and Josh were neighbors and good friends all through college at the University of Minnesota. Then, one very special New Year's Eve, both realized they were the perfect complement to each other. And thus, a romance unfolded. 

In fact, that was my inspiration for their invitation. The LOVE letters on the front, are hand-cut so that one half unfolds to reveal the entire letter. The same with the A + J on the back.

Ali planned to use tulips for floral decoration, so I chose a fresh chevron pattern of purple, orange, green and fuchsia. 

The envelopes were made of aspen wood veneer and sealed with custom mailing labels that included the couple's engagement photo.

Ali promised me that the snow would stop flying in Minneapolis before the May 24th wedding, and she was right. It was the most beautiful spring day to celebrate two friends, two hearts and two families coming together.

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Albrecht! So happy I could be a part of your big day.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Super Skills Day 2014

Bea's school had their P.E. field day last week. They call it "Super Skills Day." You know, because it involves all those valuable skills you'll need at some point in your life.

Like..... running with a cup of water.

And arm wrestling a boy.

And wrestling a cheetah.

And throwing wet sponges at someone.

And swinging from a rope.

And running faster than a boy. (Actually, this might be very helpful someday.)

And waiting patiently in line to share & eat popsicles with friends. (Probably one of life's most important skills.)

School Projects

Most of the time, the things I post about on Project Denneler are either my kitchen creations or Eric's workshop wonders. But throughout the school year, Gus and Bea have also been busy making projects for class assignments. 

I try really hard not to "take over" when they tell me about a project due at school. I might give them some creative direction or subtle suggestions, but ultimately, they have to do the work and be able to present it as their own. 

Here are just a few of the fun school projects they worked on this year.

Gus' spud diorama of Aldo Leopold

Bea's model of the solar system

Gus' viking ship model

Gus' egg baby project (which unfortunately cracked, but he bandaged it up for extra credit points!)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Desserts to Celebrate a Diploma

Two years ago, my friend Kim asked me if I would create a dessert table for her son's graduation in May of 2014. Now THAT is an organized mom! I remember thinking... that's 2 years away, surely she'll change her mind or forget? 

No chance. Kim & I have been making plans for months now and the big graduation party was Saturday. Here are some photos of the sweet, celebratory spread.

Alex, the graduate, picked out all of his favorite candies during a trip we took to the Nifty Nut House - gummy candies, Nic-L-Nip wax candy bottles, chocolate coins, Pop Rocks, Sixlets, licorice, and Dove chocolates. He graduated from The Independent School of Wichita and he'll be attending Iowa State in the fall, so we got every candy we could find in these colors: royal blue, white, red and golden yellow. They looked great against a backdrop of black and silver.

In addition to the candy, I baked some vanilla cupcakes and made some yellow-frosted sugar cookies.

And I found some great table decorating ideas with printable graphics from Frog Prince Paperie. I just adjusted the colors and some of the wording to match Alex's table, and added photos of him as well.

Congratulations to all of the graduates this year. May your futures be sweet and colorful!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rock Springs T-shirt

At the end of every school year, the 5th graders at Gammon Elementary get to take a fun trip to Rock Springs 4-H Camp in Junction City, Kansas. It's a day to get away, enjoy nature and just be a kid. (Before they head off to middle school next year.)

This year's classes wanted t-shirts to wear on the trip, so I designed something gender-neutral that allowed all of the kids' names to be included into the graphic. (I was inspired by this cool t-shirt I saw for Jeff Lake Camp in New Jersey.)

The teachers and students really seemed to like them. The best part is, I think we'll be able to use this design every year - just change the colors and names of the students. (Good thing Gammon's PTO president just happens to be a graphic designer too, huh?)


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