Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kurt's Vacationland Home

For the last 6 months, I've been helping my youngest brother, Kurt, decorate his new house. So when we stayed with him for Christmas last week, I jokingly told everyone it was my new vacation home. It has everything I'd want in a spa retreat - fresh paint, cool decor, fabulous furniture, super-soft bath towels and no clutter. Ahhhh... absolute heaven.

My brother would have been a dream client for any interior decorator. Everything I suggested, he liked - even the owl lamp. Here's a peek at some of the rooms. We're still adding a few things here and there, but the upstairs is mostly complete. Now for the basement...
Eric made this entry table.
I found this funky owl lamp at Gordman's.
I had this 1960's magazine cover printed on canvas.
We used industrial-looking metal piping to hang the canvas.
I found that cool owl painting at a store in Colby called Goulash.
My poor husband gets volunteered for all of my crazy ideas.
Eric built this side table to match the front entry table.
I found this tufted velvet ottoman coffee table at
It's so soft, Bea loved to play on it.
I absolutely LOVE this couch. Kurt bought it at Haverty's.

I got this awesome balloon dog pillow from
I bought these vases at the DAV for $30 & painted them all a neutral cream.
Eric made this adorable, retro-modern side table.
Cute side table + cute ceramic balloon dog I found at Lucinda's.
Kurt displays some of his favorite band posters on this railing that Eric built.

The dining room table & chairs came from Haverty's.
We found this cool, Mad Men-looking artwork at
I got these photo/bulletin board frames at Pier 1.
We added a few accessories to the nightstand in the spare bedroom.
My brother bought this awesome bedroom set at Haverty's too.
Since Kurt is a pharmacist, I thought this image of an old medicine tin would be cool, enlarged and printed on a wrapped canvas frame. (Signs Now in Wichita, does a great job of printing large format designs on canvas.)
TJ Maxx had all kinds of cool, inexpensive, manly-looking accessories.
I found this "Let's Move to the Mountains" print on and Eric helped create the frame. The crazy thing is, after all this decorating and painting at my brother's house, he'd really like to move to Colorado someday. Guess he can always pack it up and take it with him!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

They tasted better than they looked.

I had good intentions of making some cute & clever, woodland animal sugar cookies for Christmas last week, but my heart just wasn't in it. After I baked the 12 or so dozen cookies on Tuesday, the idea of frosting all of them seemed overwhelming - along with the 100 other things that needed to be done before Christmas. Ugh. So needless to say, these are not my finest creations. Martha Stewart would not be impressed. But they tasted good. I should know, I think I ate a dozen squirrels myself.
Halfway through Christmas Eve (and at least 3 gallons of Jingle Juice cocktails later), the cookie messages started getting re-arranged by the 23 Weishaars who had gathered at my brother's house. Good thing it stopped before things got X-rated.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Santa, can you come a little early?

Gus and Bea put in a extra-special request this year to have Santa come a few days early. They were really surprised to find the living room full of presents after school on Wednesday. Gus got his much anticipated Alien HQ Lego set and Nintendo 3DS. And Bea's favorite gift was the super-silky-soft blue bunny that's been on her list for months. (What is it with my kids and stuffed animals? They love 'em.) She also got a cool, purple bicycle, but I think she was more excited about the helmet and waterbottle that came with it. Typical girl... it's all about the accessories.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love &  Ho Ho Ho - Eric, Sandra, Gus & Bea Denneler


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