Saturday, December 3, 2011

Opening Soon!

I'm excited and proud to announce the opening of a new pediatric clinic in Wichita. Not only because it's Eric's cousin, but also because I designed the logo.

Rebecca Reddy, M.D., is opening Redbud Pediatrics on January 3, 2012, and is taking new patients. Her office will be located in Northeast Wichita, at 1861 N. Rock Road. Dr. Reddy has been a physician in Wichita for over nine years and is "branching out" on her own. Besides being a great doctor, she's kind, patient and a genuinely wonderful human being - everything you'd want in a pediatrician and more. Did I mention she's going to be open evening hours two nights per week? (Freakin' awesome for working parents, let me tell ya.)

I've been collborating with Rebecca for many months now to establish her logo and a "look" for the clinic - everything from interior design to outdoor signage, and so much in between. It's all coming together finally, and we got a sneak peek at the freshly-finished clinic space tonight - so cool. Believe me, kids will be excited to go see Dr. Reddy!

Stay tuned. There's so much more to share. Eric's been in on the fun too. He's currently building some kid-friendly pieces for the waiting room and patient rooms. I can't wait to show you.


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