Saturday, April 11, 2015

Big, Pink, Furry, Heart-shaped Bulletin Board

I've had a few questions about how we made some of the d├ęcor in Bea's bedroom, so I thought I'd share the details in individual posts. 

First of all, the whole idea for this giant, furry heart on Bea's wall started because she wanted a bulletin board in her bedroom. I mean, what girl doesn't love to pin and tape stuff all over their room, am I right?

And if you know me at all, you know that I love to cover things in fur. (Like this, and this, and this.... oh, and this.)

So, Eric and I went to Home Depot to search for something lightweight and cheap that we could use to build a gigantic, 3-dimensional heart. We found a sheet of 4ft x 8ft styrofoam insulation board, cut it in half, and glued it together with a can of Great Stuff (insulating foam glue for gaps & cracks). Then I cut out the heart shape with a long, sharp, snap-off knife blade.

I knew the front of the bulletin board would need to be a surface that allows pushpins to stay in it (styrofoam is too chunky), so I glued some pieces of foam board to the front and cut around the heart shape of the styrofoam. The finished piece measures 48"x48". 

I ordered some fuchsia Mongolian fur from, and spray glued it to the foam core on the front of the heart. Then I hot glued the edges/sides onto the back of the heart. WARNING: if your hot glue is too hot, it will melt the styrofoam. You have to set your hot glue gun on cool melt and go slowly. 

To hang it up, Eric cut a "french cleat" using two thin wooden boards. That way, we could mount one to the wall, and one to the back of the bulletin board and just slide them on top of each other. Easy peasy. 

Now Bea's ready to pin up all of her favorite drawings and memorabilia. 

Here are a few photos of the back and some closeups that might help if you're interested in making your own gigantic, furry, heart-shaped bulletin board.

This is the back side, showing where to glue the fur and where to attach the french cleat.

Hot glue the edge of the fur to the back.

Mongolian faux fur is awesome. I use it all the time. 

This board mounts to the wall.

This board mounts to the back of the bulletin board.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bea's Bright, Bold Bedroom

We've been doing some "freshening up" at the Denneler house this year. It started with scraping our popcorn ceilings in January, and somehow it's snowballed into repainting every single room. Bea's bedroom is pretty much done, so I thought I'd share some photos.

I especially love how light and airy it feels in there now - white walls with fluffy white bedding. Bea says it's like "sleeping in a cloud." And there are bold pops of color and texture everywhere. I know white walls might not be very exciting for some of you, but we haven't had a white wall in our house for 20 years. This is BIG for us! (Here's what Bea's room looked like before.)

Eric and I made most of the items in the room, but I did purchase a few fun accents (Check the bottom of the post for links.)

Here are links to some of the items I purchased for Bea's room:

Colorful, chevron rug

Jane Jenni wall decals

"Birthday" print

White fur bedding

Let it Bee pillow

Round, red storage ottoman

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cake's Cake

Our daughter, Bea, likes to find any excuse to have a party at our house. And last weekend, she insisted on celebrating our cat's 3rd birthday.

So, what do you make for a fat, calico cat named Cake? A fat, calico cat cake, of course.

This started out as just a silly dessert for us to eat. But it was so easy to make, I decided to create a tutorial for it. Surely there are others out there who celebrate their cat's birthday? (Please tell me we're not alone on this one?)

Check out my easy, step-by-step instructions for a fun cat cake on Handmade Charlotte.

Ironically enough, our feline friend is deathly afraid of balloons. So when I tried to snap a photo of Cake with her cake, she leaped off the table faster than you can say "MEOW!"

Follow Us on Facebook

I know.... I know.... What the hell took me so long, right?

For whatever reason, I have resisted making a Project Denneler Facebook page. Until now. (Here's the link to LIKE, if you'd like.)

Better late than never.

For years, I've gotten friend requests on my personal Facebook page from people I didn't know and I always felt bad for not accepting them. I'm sure many of them were just curious food crafters or blog fans that wanted to follow me through social media. But it felt weird to say "Sure, Monica Crazyperson, I'd love to share photos of my father-in-law's colonoscopy with you." (Not that I would ever post something like that. I wouldn't. And please.... somebody stop me if I ever do.)

So now, Facebook life is neatly organized into two categories - Personal & Projects. With some serious overlap, I'm sure. People that follow both, me & the blog, will probably get sick of my stuff. Let me just apologize right now. If it's any consolation, I get sick of me once in a while too.

But I'm very excited, because now I can become the creative kitchen cheerleader that gets to share wonderful projects from my favorite fun food bloggers. They inspire me and have always shown such an outpouring of social media love. I am forever grateful for their friendship. 

Here are just a few that I have a serious sugar crush for:

Jill Mills - Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
Norene Meyer Cox - Party Pinching
Sue Bouza Sparks - Munchkin Munchies
Mindy Boyce Cone - Creative Juice
Meaghan Mountford - The Decorated Cookie
Beth Jackson Klosterboer - Hungry Happenings

Friday, March 27, 2015

Sweet & Salty Spring Blossom Snacks

My favorite blooms in springtime aren't the tulips and daffodils. (Although, they are certainly pretty.) I love the trees and bushes that burst through the grey of winter with bright yellow and pink blossoms. They never last very long, but against a deep blue sky, they are so lovely.

I spent part of last week's spring break outside, doing some necessary yard work. And I was inspired by those beautiful blooming branches to make an edible version of them in my kitchen. 

They're sweet and salty because I used crushed pretzels and melted chocolate. The candy coated sunflower seeds add just the right sprinkling of color. And they taste yummy, too.

Make some for a spring treat or to dress up your Easter table next weekend. Mine are still displayed on the kitchen counter in their blue canning jars. They look just like fresh cut branches from my yard. (Except for the ones I keep nibbling on.)

You can find my simple, step-by-step tutorial for Sweet & Salty Spring Blossom Snacks at Handmade Charlotte

Have a scrumptious spring!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Brace-faced Boy

Seems as if all of our friends and family members are enjoying spring break vacations this week, skiing, surfing or shopping. Unfortunately, Gus got to spend his in the orthodontist office getting braces - and a mouth full of other hardware that's suppose to expand and tilt and contract every inch of his oral cavity.

And yet, he's still smiling. What a guy. In three short years, we hope to remove all this metal and find a million dollar grin. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spring + Winter = Swinter

Today is March 1st, so it's only natural that we got our first significant snow for the year. Enough to go sledding in College Hill Park, anyway.

We frolicked in the frozen flakes this morning, and ended our outing with a good ol' fashioned snowball fight.

I loved the snow and all, but I'm pretty excited that spring is nearly here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sheep Rocker

My friend, Rachel, is expecting a baby in April, and I wanted to surprise her with something fun that she had pinned on her nursery Pinterest board - a Danish rocking sheep

So, naturally I begged Eric to build a similar version. And as always, he far exceeded my expectations. What a guy. He used white oak to create the wooden rocker frame, and I covered it in two wooly bath mats that I found at T.J. Maxx. Not too baaaad for our first sheep. 

I told Eric that every time he makes something special like this for a friend or family member, it's like he's making a gift for me too. I simply love to see the creations that come out of his workshop.

Congrats to the Chrisman family! We hope your "little" makes many happy memories playing on this lovely lamb.

(Hard to believe it's been almost 4 years since Rachel & Mark got married... some of you might remember the dessert tables I created for their reception.)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Volcano Valentine

Serve up a silly, chilly, ice cream volcano dessert that’s erupting with sweet sentiment. Kids and kids-at-heart alike will get a thrill from this pyroclastic pun-on-a-plate.

You can find the directions for this laughable, lava-ble, Valentine's Day dessert at Handmade Charlotte.

Just FYI...allow plenty of time for the ice cream volcanos to freeze completely. I was impatient (imagine that) and had some melting issues. Also, melted volcanoes taste just as delicious as frozen ones.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Project Popcorn

Ugh. We've spent the last 30 days, scraping the popcorn texture off of every ceiling in our house. And when I say "we," I mean Eric. Poor guy. He's my handyman hero.

It's been a messy process, to say the least. But it's finally done. 

Now I get to start the process of repainting every wall in our house. Yippee! I'm hoping to work on one room per month. Check back for some interior updates. 


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