Sunday, November 22, 2015

Candy Snoopy Balloon

Snoopy has always been one of my favorite balloons in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Did you know, there have been seven different Snoopy balloons since 1968?

In honor of the new Peanuts movie and Thanksgiving, I created this candy, cupcake-topper version of the Snoopy & Woodstock balloon that debuted in 2013. 

If you'd like to make your own, below is tutorial and some step-by-step photos.

Candy Snoopy Balloons

This recipe will make 3 Candy Snoopy Balloons
Approximate time: 30 minutes

Ingredients & supplies:
6 white Jordan almonds
6 black jellybeans
6 white jellybeans
12 white Tic Tac candies
6 yellow candy-coated sunflower seeds
3 yellow candy decorator hearts
3 red candy melt wafers
6 white candy melt wafers
3 black candy melt wafers
3 yellow candy melt wafers
1 black food color marker
3 clear acrylic food picks
3 frosted cupcakes
Drill bit and exact-o/serrated knife

1. Gather your ingredients and supplies. 

2. Drill a small hole in the bottoms of three Jordan almonds (wide enough to fit your acrylic food picks.) Using a serrated knife or exact-o knife, carve a flat, angled spot near the pointed tops of the almonds. (This is the area that the head and body will attach.)

3. Make the Snoopy heads. Cut the black jelly beans at a slight angle, lengthwise, for the ears. Attach them to the sides of the Jordan almonds that have not been drilled or cut. The ears should stick with just a little pressure. Draw on the eyebrows and eyes with your black food color marker. Melt the black candy melt wafers in a microwave safe dish. Using a toothpick, add just a dab of candy melt for the noses.

4. Make the Snoopy arms and legs. Cut three of your white jellybeans in half, lengthwise, for the feet. Cut the rounded tips off the other three white jellybeans for the hands. Melt the white candy melt wafers in a microwave safe dish. Using a toothpick, put tiny dabs of candy melt on the tops of the jelly bean feet and hands, and attach the Tic Tac candies. Allow them to dry and harden.

5. Make Snoopy’s red dog collar. Using a small circle cutter, make three red circles from your red candy melt wafers. 

6. Attach the Snoopy heads to the bodies. Insert the clear food picks into the Jordan almonds with the holes. (It’s helpful to use a piece of foam to keep the toothpicks in place for assembly.) Attach the red dog collars to the body almonds with a dab of white candy melt. Allow them to dry and harden. Next, attach the Snoopy heads to the tops of the dog collars with more white candy melt. Allow them to dry and harden.

7. Attach the body parts. Using small dabs of white candy melt on a toothpick, attach the arms, legs and a tiny tail to the almond body. (The tails can be cut from leftover pieces of white jellybeans.) Be patient when attaching these items. You may have to hold them in place for a few seconds while they dry and harden.

8. Create Woodstock. To make the Woodstock bird, use two, yellow, candy-coated sunflower seeds. Attach the bird’s body to Snoopy’s head with a dab of melted yellow candy wafers. Next, attach the bird’s head, and add a yellow candy decorator heart for the tail. Using a toothpick, dab spikes of yellow candy melt on the bird’s head for Woodstock’s “feathers.”

Create a festive parade of cupcakes by topping them with your Candy Snoopy Balloons! 


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