Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vintage Book Dessert Table

I've been baking and book-crafting for the last couple of weeks in preparation for a baby shower that my friend, Adriene Rathbun (and friends), hosted on Saturday.

The theme of the baby shower brunch was "Vintage Books." The idea stumped me at first, but then I realized that there are so many food references used in classic children's storybooks and nursery rhymes. Here are a few of the ideas that I came up with:

Alice in Wonderland = "Eat Me" cookies
The Gingerbread Man = Gingerbread cookies
Little Red Riding Hood = Basket of cakes for grandma
The Three Little Kittens = Pies (made from Reece's BIG cups and M&M's)
Jack and the Beanstalk = Magic (jelly) beans

I also incorporated vintage book-like elements wherever I could into the display:

A four-tiered cupcake stand 
(made from hardcover books and wooden candlesticks that I painted gold)

Mini-book cupcake toppers 
(made from book pages and color printouts of classic children's book covers)

Book-page pillars 
(made by tearing off the book covers and folding the book pages in half)

Book-page table cover 
(torn pages from old books that I got at the DAV and Goodwill)

Once Upon a Time wall graphic 
(cut from a 40x30-inch piece of foam core)

Happily Ever After banner 
(covered a piece of cardstock with torn book pages and then cut the letters out)

Knowing that the party guests would probably be full of quiche, breakfast pastries and mimosas, I tried to package the dessert table treats into baggies, boxes or containers for easy transporting. That way, they could take everything home and enjoy later. 


Megan Bradshaw said...

This is amazing! My two favorite things - dessert and books all in one. Wonderful creativity and execution. Love, love, love!

Project Denneler said...

Thanks Megan. It was fun to think of all the fun food connections there are in nursery rhymes.

Mary F said...

This is amazing. Would you be able to send specifics on how you made the book and candlesticks tray?

Project Denneler said...

The tiered dessert stand (made from books and candlesticks) was cleverly crafted by my husband. He drilled a 3/4-inch hole through the centers of all of the books and candlesticks. Then, he inserted a threaded, 1/2-inch, metal rod through the books and the candlesticks. He used large bolts under each book to keep them in place. I can't take any credit for his master skills at figuring out how to make it functional and stand so securely. I was planning to just glue the candlesticks to the books and stack them. But he quickly informed me that it wouldn't be stable enough and might tip over.

I'm lucky to have such a handy guy.

Meg said...

do you recall what font you used for the "once upon a time" banner?

Project Denneler said...

You know what? I think that "Once Upon a Time" was a TIFF file that I found through Google images. I believe it was originally a papercut that someone was selling on Etsy. I just printed it really large and traced around it so that I could cut it out of foam core.

But if you're looking for a font, it's very similar to Beyond Wonderland.


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