Friday, April 19, 2013

Mini Taco Cookies

Could someone please explain why I have this crazy obsession with Cinco de Mayo desserts? - Pinata cookies, maraca cookies, and taco cookies.

I swear, it's not on purpose. I'm not from Mexico. I pretty much use the holiday as an excuse to drink margaritas and eat chips & queso. Don't we all?

Regardless, I made some taco sugar cookies a few years ago for work, and decided to attempt them again for a tutorial. I remember struggling with the cookie dough, trying to get it to bake in the shape of a taco shell, on top of a wedge of tinfoil. It wasn't impossible, but it was frustrating. And although they turned out lovely, there's always an easier way to bake something, right?

Like, for instance, not baking at all! This new recipe uses Oreo cookies and is assembly-only. If you can't figure them out by these photos, then head over to SheKnows for the complete step-by-step and list of ingredients. Super easy. I promise.

Now that I think about it. I also have an obsession with making foods out of other foods. - Broccoli, pumpkin pie, steak, kabobs, sushi, rice and fortune cookies. What's wrong with me?


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