Friday, January 7, 2011

A shower for Baby Schroeder

Gus' 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Schroeder, is due to have a baby boy any day now. To celebrate, I asked her if it would be OK to have a little "Baby Shower" party for her and the class on Friday. Those kids were so excited. I don't know what's more exhausting, a brand new baby or 25 hyper nine-year-olds. I'm surprised we didn't send her into labor.

To start things off, we played a game of Pin-the-Pacifier-on-Baby-Schroeder. The winner got a giant baby bottle full of candy.
Then the kids wrote down suggestions for what Mrs. Schroeder should name her baby boy. The winning name pulled out of the basket was "Mason." Other funny suggestions were: Amad, JoJo and Scooter.

One lucky volunteer got to feed Mrs. Schroeder three jars of baby food and she had to guess the flavors (I was nice and only gave her applesauce, pears & carrots to taste.)
And for her gifts, Mrs. Schroeder opened a Snoopy Doghouse box full of "Schroeder" themed items - red, blue and green striped clothes, a Schroeder snow globe that plays music, and a Schroeder piano board book. (Isn't that Snoopy Doghouse gift box awesome? I found it at Hallmark. Love it.)
I think the kids got the biggest kick out of the treats I made: dirty diaper cookies. Sugar cookies with a chocolate candy bar melted inside, iced with a chocolate diaper pin on top. Nothing's funnier to a group of 3rd graders than eating a dirty diaper. Ewwwwww! Hilarious.
(Here's a few photos to show how I made them. You know, for the next time you need to bring dirty diaper treats to a party.)


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