Thursday, January 5, 2012

Clinic-warming Gifts

We dropped by Redbud Pediatrics this week with some presents to wish them a happy Grand Opening.
I found these ceramic birds at Target - all the cute Valentine's Day stuff is out! The birds were Pepto Bismol pink, so I painted them blue. Then I made some tiny stethoscopes out of Sculpey and attached them to the sides so they'd look like the little doctor bird in the clinic's logo.

Then, I thought it would be nice if the clinic had a sticker/prize bucket. You know.... so kids can pick out a sticker or prize after their appointment. (That's always a big hit with my kids when they have to go to the doctor or dentist.) I painted and attached a mini ceramic bird to this orange metal bucket. Then, I added some custom stickers that I made with these round Avery Labels that I got at Office Depot. For some reason, I thought 120 stickers would fill the bucket a little more. It didn't. Oh well... leaves room for them to add their own stickers and prizes if they want.
If I haven't said it enough already, you should really check out Redbud Pediatrics. ;)


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