Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giga Ball = Mega Fun

The weather this weekend was incredibly nice. Much too nice for my kids to be inside playing video games and watching TV. So, we inflated the Giga Ball that Santa Claus was sooooo smart to give Gus for Christmas. (Even though he didn't ask for it and wasn't the least bit interested in it when he opened it.) 

Think of it as a giant hamster ball for kids. They should rename it the Giggle Ball, because that's what my kids did for an hour - giggle. And roll. And giggle. And push each other around. And giggle some more. Then, when they were completely exhausted, they hid inside of it with their blankets and pretended it was a fort. I was tempted to crawl inside myself, but I didn't want to test the weight limit.

So much fun on a warm, sunny, January day! 


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