Monday, January 16, 2012

Repurposed Flat File

Last fall, my friend gave us an old, flat file cabinet they couldn't use. Before seeing it, I had grand ideas of turning it into a cool coffee table for our living room or my brother's house. But after it arrived, and occupied half of my garage, I realized it was WAY TOO BIG to fit inside either of our houses.

Hummmm... what to do.... what to do? It was too awesome not to use somewhere, so I told Eric he should find a way to use it in the garage. He took out all of the drawers and reconfigured it for one small, one medium and one large-sized capacity drawer. Then he added wood fronts and a wood top, and installed some industrial-sized wheels underneath. 

Tada! He now has a mobile-woodshop-tabletop-workbench-storage unit. 


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