Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Treats for Toddlers

Bea wanted to bring Thanksgiving treats to daycare this week, so she and I made these Oreo turkeys to share with her friends. (As much as I love her helping me, geez-a-loo she makes it 100 times more complicated than it needs to be. But, that's OK. I'm glad she enjoys being in the kitchen with me.)

Anyway, here are our Oreo Gobblers. Turkeys-on-a-stick. Turkey Pops. (Insert your idea for a clever name here.) I saw these on a website called Cookies and Cups, but modified it to use Reese's Peanut Butter Cups instead. Because, well ... I really just wanted an excuse to buy a bag of Reese's.
Also, here's a handy-dandy tip on assembling them. If you try to cram the stick and pretzels and candy corn into the Double-Stuff Oreos, they'll fall apart. And it'll start to piss you off. So, you kind of need to take the Oreos apart first, place the stick and pretzels and candy corn into the cream filling, and then glue them shut with some melted white chocolate. Works like a charm. You'll thank me later.


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