Monday, November 22, 2010

Brown Bag Turkey Legs

“What’s this? A piece of toast? A pretzel stick? Popcorn?
What blockhead cooked all this? 
What kind of a Thanksgiving dinner is this?
Where’s the turkey Chuck!
Don’t you know anything about Thanksgiving Dinner!

Where’s the mashed potatoes!? Where’s the cranberry sauce?

Where’s the pumpkin pie!?” - Peppermint Patty
The 3rd grade classes at Gus' school are having a Thanksgiving lunch and movie party, and the parents were asked to provide finger foods for the kids to munch on while they watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." I realize I could have sent a bag of pretzels and called it good. But that's just not gonna happen. We all know that. Instead, I decided to make 80 brown bag turkey legs filled with popcorn and plain M&Ms.

Way more fun than a bag of pretzels. But a little more time consuming. Seriously, I could have cooked 5 real turkeys in the same time it took me to assemble 80 of these crazy things. Oh well. The Fiskars website made these adorable turkey legs for Thanksgiving place cards at a kid's table. Genius. But they seemed so perfect for holding popcorn or candy or some kind of prize inside the bag, so that's what I did with them. I used white foam core board for the legs (found at Michael's, JoAnne's or Hobby Lobby), cut out white hearts from cardstock, and glued them to the ends. Then I just filled the bags with popcorn and M&Ms and stapled them to the "bones."

Hope the kids enjoy their movie treat, watching Woodstock accidentally toast & butter Snoopy's ear. God, I love that movie.


Anonymous said...

HI, these are great!
The Fiskars website no longer has this project posted. Would there be any way you could tell us?? What is used for the white 'leg' part?

Project Denneler said...

Sure.... I used white foam core board for the legs (you can find it at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Then, I just cut out white hearts from cardstock and glued them to the ends.

Dani said...

Great!! Thank you!! I won't have to make quite as many as you did :)

Sue said...

They look so cute in the roasting pan! What lucky kids you have:)

Project Denneler said...

Thanks Sue! Have a great Thanksgiving with your munchkins.

Christine Jones said...

These look so fun! I shared this on Pinterest.

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