Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baking for Breast Cancer

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I created a simple tutorial for SheKnows that features my Cookies & Cupcakes for the Cure. There are lots of fun suggestions for "nipple" candies, and even some PDFs you can download to make your own clever packaging and labels. 

I think I've done some version of these every year since 2008. First, it was cupcakes in pink boxes for my friend (a breast cancer survivor) who was in charge of a Dig for the Cure Volleyball Tournament. She wanted some fun desserts to sell at the concession stand. Then, one year it was Bags 'O Boobs cookies. Another year it was cupcakes again. And then two years ago, my sister in-law found out she had breast cancer and wanted to make some "thanks for all the support" treats to give to her friends and coworkers that helped her through her treatment. 

Ironically, my Aunt Maryellen was a breast cancer survivor from the 1960's (back when breast cancer wasn't so survivable.) She's pretty much the whole reason I am the crazy, creative baker that I am today. Some things come full-circle, don't they?


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