Monday, March 5, 2012

Do these horizontal stripes make me look fat?

Back in January, Eric ever-so-subtly encouraged me to start exercising again with our Insanity Workout DVDs. (Gotta love that Shaun T!) After taking a few months off from fitness - before, during & after the holidays -  I reluctantly went downstairs, popped in the Cardio Power, and found myself breathless, sweating... and suddenly wanting to redecorate the entire basement. Within 38 minutes, I'd not only reached my target heart rate, but I'd mentally picked out paint colors, sketched where I wanted new wall nooks, and mapped out where some new furniture could go.  

That'll teach my husband to encourage me to exercise!

We've lived in our house for 16 years, but the basement's never really been a well used space. It's soooooo tiny. Sometimes it's a playroom. Sometimes it's a hotel suite for visiting family members. And sometimes it's an exercise studio. So it needs to remain flexible. But it needed some updating. We're still working on the wall decor. The new couch & chair from World Market could use some fun pillows. And I want to find a cool rug to tie everything together. But I thought I'd show you the progress thus far.

Much like my beach-ready, bikini-body... this remodeling project isn't happening over night. Ha. Let's hope both can be achieved by summertime.

Here are some before & after pics to show what we started with - sage green & yellow walls - pretty blah. Not that grey with horizontal stripes is exciting, but it's more serene & sophisticated perhaps. If that's even possible for a basement dwelling.


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