Sunday, February 12, 2012

My silly Valentines.

There are two things I've never allowed my kids do: pick out Halloween costumes from a store, and buy boxes of Valentines off the shelf. I JUST CAN'T LET IT HAPPEN. (It will all come out in therapy some day, I'm sure. Sorry kids.)

That being said, I made these silly Valentines for Bea and Gus to share with their friends this year.

Bea's cards are a cutout photo of herself, hanging from the string of a heart-shaped balloon. She only has 5 little buddies at daycare, so they're simple & inexpensive, but still fun.

And Gus' cards feature a photo of my Lego-lovin' kid, holding a Lego-built heart, with a Lego-shaped chocolate bar. Over-the-top? Probably. But my boy is growing up and I only have one more year of making Valentines for him, so they're going to be EXTRA special. 
(P.S. I bought the Lego chocolate candy mold from Super-easy to make.)

 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Share the love.


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