Monday, February 6, 2012

Half-a-Cake for Gus' Half-Birthday

Gus got to celebrate his half-birthday at school today. (Anyone in his class with a summer birthday gets to bring treats on their half-birthday.)

Since he's my candy-lovin'-kid, I decided to create a 3-tiered, Rolo cake. (But only half.) I added a big poster cutout of Gus with his arms around the cake, and made a "10 1/2" paper candle for the top.
The 4th graders in Ms. McNeil's class thought it was pretty fun, and Gus finally got a chance to celebrate his birthday with all of his friends. (BTW... it was pajama day at school. They don't normally dress this polar-fleecy-casual.)
Here's how I constructed it... just some foam core, plastic tubes and a little hot glue. Oh, and 39 roles of Rolos.


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