Monday, September 19, 2011

Home Sweeeeeeeeet! Home

My youngest brother, Kurt, bought a house last winter and I eagerly volunteered to help him decorate it. Of course, that means I also volunteered Eric to build some things.... like this mid-century-modernesque table for the entry way.

Similar to a table he built for our basement, Eric created a taller, black-stained maple version - with a drawer for storage and a few simple shelves for some of Kurt's finest literature. ; )
I accessorized it with some masculine, yet kitschy items. My favorite is the owl lamp. I keep telling him it's a chick magnet. Girls like guys with fun lamps. Am I right? 
I've now volunteered my husband to make some end tables that will compliment the entry table design. It's a big house, I'm afraid Eric's project list is about to get even longer.


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