Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Skateboard Ramp Cakes

Our good friends, Luc and Ian, celebrated their September birthdays together with one, big, skateboarding-themed party. And I made their cakes.

With short, simple names like LUC and IAN, it was easy to turn them into skateboard ramps. The ramps are built out of Rice Krispie Treats and placed on top of cake letters. I frosted the name cakes with buttercream icing and then sprinkled silver & white sanding sugar over everything to make it look like "concrete." I made paper cutouts of the boys, attached them to mini skateboards, and placed them next to their birthday candles. Then I painted & glued together toothpicks and kabob skewers for the skate ramp railing.

The cakes were a hit with the 10-and-under crowd. But I think Luc & Ian loved the paper cutouts of themselves the most.


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