Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Little Knit Wit

Life is just one, constant, arts & crafts project with Bea. 

If I try to throw away an empty Kleenex box, she says "Wait! Can I have that?" And 30 minutes later, she's turned it into the Taj Mahal for our backyard birds. Or, she'll take all of our recycled newspapers, cut them up, and weave a basket for her teacher at school.

Such was the case last weekend, when she asked for some yarn. She said she wanted to make me a scarf. The only problem with that is, she doesn't know how to knit. And neither do I. But I let her play and experiment anyway. It kept her busy for a while, and she presented me with a wadded and knotted tube of yarn that was held together with 3 yards scotch tape. Naturally, I applauded her effort (as any supportive mom would do.) But I decided it was time to channel her creative energy into something I might actually be able to wear. So we went to Michael's and purchased a Quick Knit Loom kit. It was so easy to figure out. Especially with the help of some YouTube videos we found online.

Within 24 hours, Bea-the-Craftmaster had made the most adorable knit hat. And it fits our cat, purrrrrfectly! Whether Cake likes it or not. (P.S. She does not.)

We've already purchased some larger circle looms and Bea's now working on a hat for her dad. Hey wait a second, wasn't she suppose to be knitting me a scarf? Guess I'll have to put in another order.


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