Saturday, November 1, 2014

Minecraft Steve Costume

Gus is 13 now - the age when kids still wanna to dress up for Halloween, but they kinda know they might be getting too old. 

Fortunately, he still wanted to dress up and help take Bea trick-or-treating this year. So, we let him pick an easy costume that we knew he'd be love and be perfect for: Minecraft Steve. (If you're not familiar with the online video game Minecraft, Steve is the main character.)

The pixelated box head was purchased at Target. The pixelated sword was a birthday gift last year. We bought the sweatpants and t-shirt at Walmart. And I made the pixelated treasure chest trick-or-treat box.

For the first time in years, his costume took very little effort to put together. (Which is probably why he loved it.) Gus was able to move and walk freely from house to house. One thing about the box mask though..... it was a little dark and made it hard to see at night. Maybe next year we'll skip masks and go for crazy wigs or funny face paint. (Assuming he wants to dress up next year. Like I always say - they're only this little for a short time. Gotta go crazy for Halloween while you can!)


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