Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Waffles by Mail

Happy New Year & Waffle Wednesday!

Ever wondered if you could mail a waffle? Wonder no more. 

Indeed, you can! Well, not a real waffle. But I made this fake waffle postcard, and it mailed just fine.

I sent one to my waffle-loving mother in September, and she couldn't get over how real the syrup looked. She keeps it on display in her kitchen on a plate and shows it to everyone that stops by. (I guess that's the equivalent of putting your child's artwork on the refrigerator door. Except that her child is now 42. Cracks me up.)

If you have any waffle-loving friends or family members that you'd like to mail a waffle to, you can find my easy step-by-step tutorial at

I mean, come on…. who wouldn't love to get a waffle in their mailbox?


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