Friday, March 8, 2013

Schooled in Music

Bea had her first kindergarten music concert this week. Most of the time, she was REALLY into the hand motions (as well as adding in some of her own interpretive dance moves) but I only saw her sing the words to the songs a few times. Let's just say she came in strong on the choruses. :)

It was all quite adorable. The theme was "Schooled in Music." They asked all of the kids to wear bright colored clothes and colorful socks on their hands because they were tropical "fish." Lots of funny moments. And one slightly scary moment - Bea nearly fell off the back of the risers because she was putting too much foot action into the performance. That's my girl!

Gus also got in on the act. Not really. They asked him to hand out programs. He took his job very seriously, of course.

We went out for ice cream afterwards to celebrate. Pretty sweet night.


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