Monday, December 10, 2012

Cheery, Cherry Gingerbread Man Tarts

I'm not a huge, gingerbread-lover. But when I thought of this idea - to make little hand-held, gingerbread man pies - I never imagined how delicious these two flavors would be together. Gingerbread + cherry = AWESOME! Especially warm. 

I call them Gingerbread Man Tarts, because they're more like a Poptart, than a true pie. Pies have lots of chunky filling. This filling is more puréed. I tried making these the first time using whole cherry pie filling, and they turned out more like Tumor Men - a little too lumpy and bumpy. Trust me, not very appetizing. Kind of comical, actually. But the second time, I put my pie filling in the food processor to make it smooth and lump-free, and it worked perfectly. I think cherry preserves would work really great too.

If you want to make some yourself, check out my recipe and how-to photos at The gingerbread crust is really easy to make. (Pie crust in general kind of intimidates me, but not this none. It's fool proof.)

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