Friday, August 17, 2012

Foam, Silicon and Just a Dash of Cinnamon

Last month, after I sent my brother, Kevin, a cake postcard for his birthday, my brother, Ken, requested a slice of apple pie for his birthday. Jokingly, of course... but I took it as a challenge.

Mission accomplished.

It took six attempts (and lots of upholstery foam, clear silicon caulk, almond caulk, cardboard, yellow food coloring and yes.... actual cinnamon.) But, I finally managed to make a mailable slice of apple pie. I'm not sure if I'll create any more of these soon. It was a struggle to get it to look right AND stay together. I think my husband was ready to kill me. For about three weeks, I obsessed (and actually dreamed at night) about new and better ways to make this crazy thing.

Here's hoping it arrives in one piece. Happy Birthday, Ken!

*FYI... the pie finally delivered. Although, it took four days to go from Wichita to Salina. I'm sure it got heavily inspected by suspicious postal employees as well as drug-sniffing dogs.


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