Friday, August 5, 2011

A sunny, funny birthday treat.

Our Gus turns double digits this weekend. The big 1-0. Two hands. Ten full fingers, my friends. Where did the years go?

For this year's summer camp birthday treats, I made a giant cutout of Gus in his swim shirt & goggles, and put it inside a pool tube covered with 125 sticks of Laffy Taffy. A Tube-o-Taffy for all to enjoy. Portable, edible and most importantly, non-meltable. (Especially with this crazy heatwave lately.)
Gus was all smiles as we brought it into the YMCA this morning and all the kids gathered around to see.

Have a sunny, funny 10th birthday, my little man!
(Click here and here and here to see some of the treats we've taken in previous years.)


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