Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Easter Tradition

Every year, we like to go to Cero's Candies to get our picture taken with the Easter bunny, and to pick up some handmade chocolates for our baskets.

This year was a real treat, because our good friends - Lathi, Luc & Ian - just happened to stop by at the same time. I think Mr. Ian ate two handfuls of jellybeans from the sample bowl when the Easter bunny wasn't looking. He's a candy-fiend just like me.

On Gus and Bea's first Easters, I bought these panoramic sugar eggs at Cero's, and we display them every year. Occasionally, I catch Bea trying to lick the sugar on her egg or bite off a decoration. It'll be a miracle if it makes it to her adulthood. 


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