Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Angry Baker.

It happens. Sometimes, things in my kitchen go wrong. And that's when I become an angry baker. (Eric would argue that this happens every time I got to bake something, but it's not true.)

This week, I had one, simple baking task I needed to tackle while I was on Spring Break with the kids. A friend of mine is hosting a 75th Birthday party for her aunt, and I volunteered to make some party favors - candy buttons in a personalized package. I found these great, antique button molds online and thought "Oh, this will be so simple. No problem."

rong. Wrong-O. Wrong to the nth degree.

After three days and countless hours, I had managed to
only make 20 little bags of these stupid things. (I needed 100). They wouldn't come out of the molds, and every time I tried to pry them out with a pin or something, they'd crack and crumble. So, I moved on to Plan B.
Plan B was button-shaped cookies. Which would have been a great idea, except that my quadruple-batch of purple-colored cookie dough (to match the party theme) turned into a lovely, brown tone once it was baked. Not so good. Plus, the recipe I used made them as hard as a rock. OK. Moving on to Plan C.
Plan C was purple M&Ms. I packed up the kids, headed to Mr. Bulky's in the mall, and bought 12 pounds of purple and white assorted M&Ms. I stuffed them in the bags today, and attached the personalized tags, and I'm calling it good. It'll have to do, because I'm completely out of ideas and time at this point. Ugh. So you see, not everything coming out of my kitchen is a success. And chances are, Eric's had to hear me say "I'm never, ever going to bake, never, ever again." Again.


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