Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday cake and party hats for 10,000!

WuShock celebrated his 60th birthday this week, and my office was in charge of the party. (And no, I did NOT have to bake the cupcakes, thank God!) The festivities took place during halftime of the WSU vs UMKC basketball game, where all 10,000 fans sang "Happy Birthday to Wu." Wilbur Elsea, the original creator of Wu, and Dave Johnson, the first Wu mascot, were on hand to help blow out the candles. People were also encouraged to bring presents - not for Wu, but for Toys For Tots. And I'm proud to say that the boxes to hold the toys were overflowing. It was a really fun night, and one heck of a party. Happy Birthday, Wu. You don't look a day over 18, really!


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