Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chocolate Robots

During a recent trip down the candy aisle at Target, I discovered these bags of my favorite candy bars in miniature form, and I couldn't help myself. I bought way more than I should have. After I got them home, I started snacking and stacking all the cute, little (delicious) shapes. 

To my surprise, a chocolate robot emerged from my edible arrangement. (With the help of some chocolate candy melts to hold everything together.)

I think they're quite adorable. And dorky. Adorkable, you might even say.

These would make fun treats for a robot-themed party. Or you could have them marching across a cake holding a "Happy Birthday" sign.

You can find my chocolate robot tutorial on Handmade Charlotte. But I encourage you to experiment on your own too. You might be surprised what you can create with just a few candies.

Beep. Bop. Boop. 


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