Monday, November 11, 2013

Like, Tweet and Pin! posted their 25 Most Socially Shared Recipes of 2013 today, and I was pretty excited to see that 10 of my recipes were in the top 25. Sweet!

I've been creatively baking for 20+ years, but I've only recently ventured into the whole "online tutorial" scene. My first ever recipe for SheKnows in April of 2012 - the Pinata Cookie - might have set the bar a little high. It went crazy viral, and I'm still kinda shocked at how popular it is. But it's only encouraged me to keep trying to find sweet success again. 

To date, I've done 58 tutorials for SheKnows. I'm lucky that my hobby has found an audience and there are so many of you finding me through social media. I'm also thankful that my husband and kids put up with some of my crazy baking marathons. 

I'm happy to be a regular recipe contributor to SheKnows. They're always receptive to my bizarre baked (and half-baked) ideas. You can check them all out here.

And here are links to my 10 tutorials that made the top 25 Socially Shared Recipes.

1. Nutter Butter High-heel Cookies

2. Watermelon BBQ Grill with Fruit Kabobs

3. Candy-filled Maraca Cookies

4. Pop-up Groundhog Cookies

5. Fruit Roll-up Fortune Cookies

6. Hollow Chocolate Easter Eggs

9. Dirty Diaper Cookies

12. Tent and Campfire Treats

13. Heart-shaped Brownie Treasure Boxes

25. Octopus and Penguin-shaped Bread Bowls


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