Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fair Fun

Believe it or not, the Denneler family went to their first Kansas State Fair on Saturday. We saw for ourselves what all the hubbub is about: sun, fun, games, prizes, rides, Pronto Pups, giant watermelons, an entire building full of bunnies, butter sculptures and so much more. Luckily, the weather was perfect. Although, by the time we left it was getting a little toasty.

Now that we've been, I'm sure we'll be back. I wanna catch the pig races next year.

Wood carving of the classic Pronto Pup.

Only the biggest and best make it to the State Fair.

We saw 1000's of rabbits. Every one of them cuter than the next.

Missed the demonstration by 5 minutes. Darn. Have to catch it next year.
View of the midway from the ski lift ride.

Bea was a little nervous on the ski lift ride across the fair grounds.
This butterfly landed on my iPhone and stayed. For. A. Long. Time.

Bea's first carousel ride.

Gus' favorite ride - The Giant Slide. Just a boy, a burlap sack & gravity.

Fun on the midway. And no, we didn't ride that slingshot thingie.

Bea's favorite ride too. A smaller version of The Giant Slide.
She would have slid down this 100 times. (Which would have cost us $300.)

We won a plastic sword, handcuffs and a purple dolphin at the Lucky Ducky.

Look, there's a Bea on that sunflower!

Gus, our Grand Champion kid.


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