Friday, August 2, 2013

What the..... watermelon?

Happy National Watermelon Day! It's August 3rd, in case you didn't know. (Don't feel bad, I didn't know either.)

There's no better way to celebrate the day (or heck, the summer!) with these easy, fun, edible watermelon bowls filled with your favorite pink ice cream, sorbet or sherbet.

All you have to do is dip small balloons into green candy melts and let them dry.

Done. So simple. So cute. You can find the complete tutorial at SheKnows.

I'm not sure why I enjoy working with chocolate and balloons so much. The same thing happened when I made those hollow chocolate eggs at Easter. It's like crafting in the kitchen, I guess. 

Need some other fun watermelon ideas? Here's my watermelon BBQ and watermelon cupcakes.

Thanks for featuring my bowls, Chickabug!


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