Monday, January 7, 2013

Funny Onesie

Our niece, Ashley, was due with her first baby on 12/12/12. 
Well.... 12/12/12 passed. 
And so did the next 11 days, before the little guy finally arrived on 12/23/12!

Just for fun, I made this silly onesie to welcome Archer, and to give his mom & dad a chuckle.

I've seen t-shirts with this saying before, but never a onesie. (Kinda perfect for a baby two weeks overdue, dontcha think?)

Anyway, the new little family is doing great. Haven't seen any photos of the baby in his new shirt yet. But from what I understand, he's got an entire closet full of Kansas Jayhawk apparel, so this might not make it into the rotation anytime soon. 

Better late than never. (Pun intended.)


Susan said...

What about one for preemies that says, "What, am I early?" in a teeny tiny onesie :)

Project Denneler said...

Ha! Love that, Susan. ;)

Yes, preemies (and preemie parents) could use a little onesie humor too.

I don't know about your preemie babies, but to this day, Gus is always, always, always our "early bird."

crobl005 said...
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