Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rockin' Cancer With Attitude & Gratitude

I hate this t-shirt.

Let me clarify.

I hate that there was a need for me to design this t-shirt for a friend who has brain cancer.

Ugh. Sigh.

As if the diagnosis of cancer wasn't enough, this same friend has had to endure the tragic loss of her brother, father & mother - almost her entire family - in the last 10 years. And those of us that know and love the Jennings family - too many to count - are just shaking our heads right now wondering why this awesome family has had to go through so much heartache.

Seriously? How much can one person take? How in the world do you go on living a positive life when you're bombarded with so much negative?

Well, in the case of Gina Jennings, you rock it. With attitude and gratitude. Gina is (and always has been) a positive, smiling, upbeat person - with lots of style and personality. And she's not going to let cancer take that away. Not now. Not after all she's been through. 

Gina's friends and family have formed TEAM GINA to sell t-shirts to keep her hope and positive spirit alive. If you'd like to join the efforts, please contact Angie Jennings at and she'll hook you up with a shirt to show your support. (See the TEAM GINA Facebook page for sizes, prices & details. All money goes directly to Gina to fund medical expenses.)

Gina and her sweet niece, Abby. 


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