Saturday, May 5, 2012

Betty Crocker on Acid

Many years ago, when I was an art director at Sullivan Higdon & Sink, my creative director called me "Betty Crocker on Acid." I can't remember what it was that I'd baked to make him say that, but there were plenty of occasions for it. I was always bringing in crazy desserts for birthdays or celebrations at the office.

Anyway...... much to my surprise, Betty Crocker contacted me this week. They wanted to feature my pinata cookie on their website.

Gasp! Of course! I'd be honored and thrilled.

Now that Cinco de Mayo is here & gone, my 15-minutes-of-internet-fame are probably over. It certainly was fun. I even got a little local press coverage from Carrie Rengers at the Wichita Eagle. She did a fantastic job of explaining how this craziness all came about. I loved every word. Even my goofy quotes.

Last I checked, the pinata cookies had been pinned 201,000+ 222,000+ times on Pinterest. I'm going to keep creating in my kitchen and see if I can't top myself. Something tells me I may have set the baking bar a little high, but I love a good challenge.

P.S. When I told Joe, my former creative director at SHS, that Betty Crocker had come calling this week he replied: "Excellent. But the truth is, you could totally kick Betty's ass. She bakes with her hands. You bake with your brain."

Thanks Joe....


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