Sunday, June 26, 2011

Freak of nature.

The freak I'm referring to isn't Eric, it's our holly bush. We gave it a much needed shave & haircut today.

Fifteen (or so) years ago, we planted this pyramidal holly in the front of our house. And for 15 (or so) years, it's grown and grown and grown. I'd estimate it's probably 16 feet tall by now. Eric claims "coffee sludge" is the miracle fertilizer. Every day, when he gets home from work, he dumps the remains of his morning coffee cup on the bush. (No wonder it's always smelled like Starbucks in our front yard!)

Whatever the reason, we get people asking us all the time what kind of tree that is in our front yard. It's not a tree folks, just a really, really, really, freakishly big holly bush. 


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