Saturday, December 4, 2010

He's making a list, and checking it twice.

I don't mean Santa Claus. I mean Gus. He got pretty serious about his Christmas wish list this year. In fact, when we went to visit Santa today he spent a good five minutes going over it in great detail.

Bea waited patiently for her turn, but was more interested in the cookies inside Santa's house. That's my girl.
A few more quick poses with Santa & the Giant Gingerbread Boy, and the kids were ready to head home and decorate their cookies we bought.
This made me laugh: While decorating her gingerbread man, Bea INSISTED that I put the candy cane in his hand. I tried to lay it on top so the gingerbread man could simply "hold" the candy cane. But Bea said "No, Mommy. I want it IN his hand!" So that's what we did. We impaled Gingy with a candy cane.


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