Friday, August 14, 2009

To the moon, Sandra!

I'm sure that's what Eric would like to do with me right now. My ideas tend to make a lot of work for him. (Insert apology hug & kiss here.) 

The boys have had the week off together, so they've been putting in some serious build time on the rocketship. Gus has taken on more of a project manager role, as you can imagine. Although, he was wielding the cordless drill the other night and doing a pretty good job with the deck screws. That P90X workout for 8-year-olds is really paying off.

With Phase 1 nearly complete, I'm beginning to realize why no one has really made or sold rocketship playsets for backyards - because they're very complicated and take a long time to build. Thousands and thousands of cuts with the saw. And thousands and thousands of measurements - no two the same. I'm guessing the labor alone on this project would run somewhere in the $5000 range. Glad my man works cheap.

Phase 2 and 3 will involve a bridge, launch tower and some kind of arm for a swing. It's all still in Eric's head at this point. He's sort of building and planning as he goes. (As is true for most things he creates. Hey, whatever works.)


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