Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jane Jenni Wall Decal Artwork

Are you familiar with the brand, Jane Jenni? I just love it. Everything is so bright and happy and fun and simple and COLORFUL. It was a source of inspiration when I worked on the graphic identity for Redbud Pediatrics in 2011, and I even used some of the Jane Jenni items for d├ęcor in the clinic. (Like these buttons And these plates.)

Earlier this year, I discovered that Jane Jenni also has line of wall decals. I fell in love all over again. I wanted to use them in my daughter's bedroom, but I didn't just want to stick them all over the wall. I wanted to make them feel more like artwork. Something you'd see in a gallery. So, Eric and I bought a large sheet of plexiglass at Menards, and I applied the wall decals to the front of the glass. Then, we attached the glass to the wall using these inexpensive, aluminum sign standoffs (found here at Easy peasy.

I love how it adds a lot of color against the white walls, but still allows the room to feel light and airy. 


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