Friday, November 1, 2013


I'm the room parent for Bea's 1st grade class this year, so I had to come up with a simple, fun, Fall party game that the kids could do in, like, 7 minutes. (They only allow 30 minutes for the class parties, and most of that time is spent scarfing down cupcakes and juice boxes.)

I'd seen versions of this game on Pinterest, but they all involved popping balloons. And we all know how loud and annoying balloon-popping can be. Especially in a room filled with excited kids, hopped-up on sugar and the excitement of Halloween. So I opted for a quieter version. I put prizes inside orange cups with napkins rubber-banded over the tops. Then I hot glued the cups to a piece of black foam core. The kids simply had to poke their finger through the orange napkin on the cups and pull out either a TRICK or a TREAT. Some of the tricks included: toothpaste, socks, and fake ketchup & mustard bottles. Some of the treats included: candy, inflatable Halloween decorations, and Slinky toys.

The kids had a great time, everyone got a prize, and there was plenty of time leftover for a good sugar rush.

Carefully poking her prize pumpkin.

She got a trick bottle of ketchup!

He got a trick bottle of mustard!

Will she get a trick or a treat?

Will the teacher get a trick or a treat?
All smiles for the Fall Party.

Plenty of time to eat lots of treats.
Comparing spiders from their cupcakes.
Bea and her best friend, Morgan, before the costume parade.


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