Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Graduating Gus

Gus and his teacher, Mrs. Brill

Last week, Gus and his 5th grade class had an end-of-year celebration, closing their grade school chapter at Gammon Elementary and looking ahead to middle school.

I foolishly volunteered to help plan the event (not realizing it would just be me and one other mom handling everything - invites, programs, decorations, refreshments and presents!) But, despite our tiny committee of two, we managed to put together a lovely party. Thank goodness my parent partner was a balloon artist with all the right connections at Pioneer Balloon. She rocked that balloon arch!

I didn't cry, until Gus' P.E. teacher, Mr. Gibson, got up and gave him a special award for being one of his outstanding students. (And believe me, it wasn't because he's a fantastic athlete or a star player.) It was because he's got a great heart. And it made me so proud to know that others see the same wonderful things in Gus, that we've known since the day he was born. 

So we clapped, and smiled, and ate cookies and said our goodbyes to grade school.

Bright futures ahead!

Bright, beautiful balloon arch courtesy of my amazing party partner, Melissa.

Program and list of 58 fellow 5th graders

Gus peeking around the balloon arch before the ceremony.

Beach towels for all the graduates.

Balloon columns and sign on the stage.

Colorful cookies after the ceremony.

Mrs. Brill reading the students' "When I am 21....." statements.

Gus' 5th Grade Class

Just like they practiced - grab the certificate with the left, shake with the right.

Gus and Mr. Gibson, his P.E. teacher.

Is there cake in heaven?

I hope so. And if there is, I bet it's chocolate cake with brown sugar frosting. That was my dad's favorite. Mine too. Something about that combo is just perfect.

Last week would have been my dad's 80th birthday, so I baked this cake to celebrate. It's not pretty. It's not fancy. It's just delicious. Even Bea couldn't keep her fingers out of it.

My dad passed away seven years ago - about ten years longer than he ever thought he'd live (longevity is not a Weishaar trait), but five months shy of meeting his last grandchild, Bea.

I wish my dad could have met Bea. He would have liked her. She's got his sense of humor. And his sweet tooth.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

She Won by a Hair

I have to laugh at this photo of Bea, racing on the hoppy balls during Super Skills Day at school a few weeks ago. 

I think her hair came in first place, and she came in third.

I also love that Gus got to be her 5th grade helper during field day, and was able cheer her on. (See him hopping her to victory in the background?)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Form, Function & Fun

Apple products are known for being sleek, sexy and well-designed. So, when we got our new iMac earlier this year, Eric and I wanted to make a computer desk that was as equally beautiful. 

It had to be modern and minimal, but still functional. And it had to fit in with the decor of our master bedroom.

After much back-and-forth on ideas, we settled on this simple "wedge" of a desk. It's more of a shelf, really. I had seen a much smaller version used to hold a plant, and thought: "Well, why couldn't we just make it really BIG and put a computer on it?" Easier said than done, of course. Cutting angles that sharp to make joints is kinda tricky. Or so my husband tells me. (But he did it. I knew he could. He always does.)

I especially love that it looks more like a display for artwork than a piece of furniture. And it's got a hidden storage area inside to hold all those wires, hard drives and miscellaneous computer stuff that always seems to junk up a work space. Eric skillfully added some magnets to the inside left panel to keep it in place and easily removable. Sneaky, huh?

As for seating, we're using a small, decorative ottoman that can be moved out of the way.

Once again Eric exceeded my expectations by creating something that's minimal, functional and beautiful.

Oh, to be a cat.

As I sit here and watch my cat - nap, eat, yawn, nap, stretch and then nap again - I can't help but be jealous. Oh, to have the life of a cat.

I don't know about you, but May at our house is so full of STUFF - school events, parties, class trips, field days, final reports, tests, graduations, etc, etc. I almost can't breathe. If we can just make it through next week, hopefully summer will bring some relief to all the "stuff."

For now, I will have to channel my inner feline to find peace and let stress go with the flick of a tail.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You look good enough to eat!

Create an instant kitchen canvas for your inner edible artist. These easy, photo plates make dinner time or party time more fun. Just print out a photo of someone's face and sandwich it between a clear plastic plate and a white plate (of the same size.) 

Give dad a mashed potato mustache or style mom's hair into a broccoli beehive. 

I think these would be funny at a family reunion. Or a birthday party. Or a retirement dinner. Ohhh.... what about a wedding? That would be kinda cool. The guest (or guests) of honor could get "egg" on their face, all in good fun.

Go here for the complete tutorial at

I found these square plastic plates at Party City. They worked really well, and allowed for extra space to decorate the faces.

Many thanks to my husband and kiddos for being my models/guinea pigs for this project.


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