Wednesday, May 8, 2013

You look good enough to eat!

Create an instant kitchen canvas for your inner edible artist. These easy, photo plates make dinner time or party time more fun. Just print out a photo of someone's face and sandwich it between a clear plastic plate and a white plate (of the same size.) 

Give dad a mashed potato mustache or style mom's hair into a broccoli beehive. 

I think these would be funny at a family reunion. Or a birthday party. Or a retirement dinner. Ohhh.... what about a wedding? That would be kinda cool. The guest (or guests) of honor could get "egg" on their face, all in good fun.

Go here for the complete tutorial at

I found these square plastic plates at Party City. They worked really well, and allowed for extra space to decorate the faces.

Many thanks to my husband and kiddos for being my models/guinea pigs for this project.


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