Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Follow Us on Facebook

I know.... I know.... What the hell took me so long, right?

For whatever reason, I have resisted making a Project Denneler Facebook page. Until now. (Here's the link to LIKE, if you'd like.)

Better late than never.

For years, I've gotten friend requests on my personal Facebook page from people I didn't know and I always felt bad for not accepting them. I'm sure many of them were just curious food crafters or blog fans that wanted to follow me through social media. But it felt weird to say "Sure, Monica Crazyperson, I'd love to share photos of my father-in-law's colonoscopy with you." (Not that I would ever post something like that. I wouldn't. And please.... somebody stop me if I ever do.)

So now, Facebook life is neatly organized into two categories - Personal & Projects. With some serious overlap, I'm sure. People that follow both, me & the blog, will probably get sick of my stuff. Let me just apologize right now. If it's any consolation, I get sick of me once in a while too.

But I'm very excited, because now I can become the creative kitchen cheerleader that gets to share wonderful projects from my favorite fun food bloggers. They inspire me and have always shown such an outpouring of social media love. I am forever grateful for their friendship. 

Here are just a few that I have a serious sugar crush for:

Jill Mills - Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
Norene Meyer Cox - Party Pinching
Sue Bouza Sparks - Munchkin Munchies
Mindy Boyce Cone - Creative Juice
Meaghan Mountford - The Decorated Cookie
Beth Jackson Klosterboer - Hungry Happenings


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