Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bea's Bright, Bold Bedroom

We've been doing some "freshening up" at the Denneler house this year. It started with scraping our popcorn ceilings in January, and somehow it's snowballed into repainting every single room. Bea's bedroom is pretty much done, so I thought I'd share some photos.

I especially love how light and airy it feels in there now - white walls with fluffy white bedding. Bea says it's like "sleeping in a cloud." And there are bold pops of color and texture everywhere. I know white walls might not be very exciting for some of you, but we haven't had a white wall in our house for 20 years. This is BIG for us! (Here's what Bea's room looked like before.)

Eric and I made most of the items in the room, but I did purchase a few fun accents (Check the bottom of the post for links.)

Here are links to some of the items I purchased for Bea's room:

Colorful, chevron rug

Jane Jenni wall decals

"Birthday" print

White fur bedding

Let it Bee pillow

Round, red storage ottoman


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