Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bubblegum Valentines

Both my kiddos are crazy for bubblegum. So I thought their Valentine's Day cards this year should be bubblicious too. (I always try to do something special that includes their photo. Here's what I did last year.)

I found these fun little test tubes of colorful bubblegum balls at Sam's Club. As usual, the hardest part of this project was getting Bea to stand still for a photo. I printed out the images on cardstock and then trimmed them out with an exacto-knife, making sure her little arms could hold the test tubes in place.

For Gus' Valentine, I took a photo of him pretending to blow a bubble. I printed the images on cardstock, trimmed them out and made cut lines on his mouth to hold a slightly-inflated pink balloon. Then I taped little baggies of Double Bubble Bubblegum to the backs of the cards. 

Sweet little Valentines for my little sweeties. Happy Valentine's Day, all!


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