Friday, November 12, 2010

Whoooo needs a refill?

Apparently, I've had owls on the brain this year. First it was an owl invite for a baby shower, then Bea's owl costume, and now an owl-y holiday party invitation. Somebody stop me before I hoot again.

Any whooooo.... this is a giant, owl-shaped, postcard invitation that I designed for some very dear friends of mine in Wisconsin. Every December they host a Hot Buttered Rum Party in their home before the holidays. And every year, my friend sends me the date & time of the party and sets me loose to design whatever I want. Seriously. She doesn't even ask to see a layout. I just design something crazy-fun, get them printed and ship them to her. So even she's surprised when they arrive in the mail. BEST. CLIENT. EVER.

Believe it or not, this is my 22nd year to design their invitation. What???!!!???? That can't be right! I was only a junior in high school (1988), and living next door to the Kolstes, when Deb asked me to make a "fun" postcard for their party. And I've done it every year since. Would you also believe I've never attended a single party? Hummm.... maybe I should surprise them one of these times. 


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