Friday, November 19, 2010


The sawdust has been flyin' out in Eric's workshop. He made not one, not two, but three big ball rockers last month. 

One is a Christmas present for a toddler in Colorado, one is a baby gift for a brand-spankin'-new baby boy, and one is looking to be adopted.

If you're interested, the orange guy in the middle is for sale. $150. (Christmas is only 36 days away. This would look pretty sweet under the tree! Give me a shout.) Made of both, ash & cherry wood, it promises to provide many happy childhood memories. Plus, it's got the official "Denneler" brand on the bottom. One of a kind, yes sir! 
(PS. Matt & Chrissy and Teresa: If you're reading this... bring your rockers over sometime and let Eric burn his logo into them. He always forgets to do that!)


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